How To Setup Dual Monitors With L-Shaped Desk?

How To Setup Dual Monitors With L-Shaped Desk?

Having a good computer setup is every tech-savvy person’s dream coming true. No matter how you use your L-shaped desk with dual monitors, it is always important to keep it neat, clean, and cluster free for more convenient work. Our main goal in setting it up should always be “More productivity, less cluster.”

To set up dual monitors on your L-shaped desktop, first, you must find the right spot for your desk to set it in. Once it’s set in its place, take a minimalistic approach to keep things neat and clean, look out for your cable management because that’s a crucial part of keeping everything tidy.

In this article, we will discuss how you can set up your dual monitors with an L-shaped desk nice, clean, and tidy. After all who doesn’t want a peaceful working environment at their desk? We will also show you a detailed guide to handling your workstation like a pro.

So, without wasting another moment, let’s jump right in.

How To Setup Dual Monitors With L-Shaped Desk?

Now that you’ve bought your L-shaped desk you might wonder how to keep it clean and tidy. After all, it’s every person’s dream to keep their desk tangled and clutter-free.

But before we jump into it, have you ever wondered why an L-shaped desk and not something else? Why not something straightforward? Let’s know some advantages of an L-shaped desk.

Setting Up The Desk

Setting up the desk is the first crucial step of your whole setting. You need to find the right spot for the desk to sit. There are several factors to consider before setting it up. Let’s look at some of them.

Finding The Right Position

Make sure the area, home, or office, in which your desk is going to sit is clutter-free. Ensure nothing in that area can interfere with it for free movements. Look out for windows, doors, etc. So that they cannot crash with your desk.

If you are not easily distracted, then you can keep a simple plant near your desk. If your place is small, you can keep your desk in a corner of your room to maximize more space.

Look out for potential distractions, everything should look clean and tidy. Any kind of distraction can decrease your productivity thus making you procrastinate.

Organizing Approach

You might get a lot of surface area on your desk, and you might even think to make the best use of it. Hold it there, just a little bit. If you keep putting more and more stuff on your desk, it’s going to highly distract you from working. Not just distraction, because more stuff is taking up more space in your desk, you won’t have enough space for your important work.

Take a minimalistic approach to keep everything organized. You might not be a minimalistic person, but trust me, it’s worth every penny. You won’t believe how light-shouldered you will feel after letting those hoarding things go.

Bottom Management

It certainly will not look good if your desk looks super cool on the surface and not so cool under the surface, right?

You can always add drawers to your desk to keep everything organized. Use dividers to split up things in your drawers more efficiently.

Cable Management

You won’t feel good if all the cables pop out of nowhere like a giant spider and scare you, right? Cable management should be your top priority.

Position your desk close to a socket to power up those dual monitors and other stuff. Consider using clips and ties to keep wires from popping out.

Remember the previous approach? Minimalism. It can help you organize your desk. Start by limiting the cords and wires you don’t need. Yes, you heard me right. If possible, use wireless technologies. Those wireless items are also easy to move in or move out.

Things To Consider

Before you buy your monitors, consider what kind of requirements you have. You might need two identical monitors for more screen space.

And you might also need two different sizes of screens if you are a gamer. You should consider your monitors depending on your requirements.

So, take more time in deciding the monitor size.

Things Needed To Setup Dual Monitor

Monitor arm

There are not a lot of things you need for the setup but consider buying monitor arms to position your monitors. You can easily fit your dual monitors with a monitor arm. Plus, you can customize the sizes according to your needs.

How To Setup Dual Monitors With L-Shaped Desk?How To Setup Dual Monitors With L-Shaped Desk?

If you are looking for a reliable dual monitor arm, we’ll recommend the one from HUANUO. The installation procedure is very easy and takes less than 10 minutes.

You’ll get everything you need to set up the dual monitors including desk mount, swivel Vesa bracket, C clamp, Grommet kit, etc.

With this dual monitor arm, you can fit two 17″ to 27″ flat or curved monitors easily!

Click here to check the latest price of this dual monitor arm on Amazon!

Monitor stand

It is one of the efficient ways to fit a dual monitor on a desk. Try considering it if you need a different type of angle for your monitors.

Check for Dual Screen Compatibility

Not all the devices in the market can run dual monitors. Whether they lack ports or cannot simply run duals, you should always double-check.

Choosing Monitors

Same sized monitors

It’s an option for you to make everything more convenient. It can add symmetry to your setup which will be pleasing to your eyes and mind. If you are planning to do coding or programming, symmetrical monitors will help you a lot.

 Also adding symmetrical monitors will help you shift between monitors easily. But of course, choose your monitor accordingly.

Aspect Ratio

Some monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio while some of them are ultrawide, giving you more options.


Resolution is something you should consider strictly. Imagine your 1080p monitor beside a 4k one, not very cool right?

Input types

Monitor connectors vary from HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, etc. While you can use different monitors with different connectors to reduce wires, it’s better to keep everything homogenous.

Screen Positioning

Viewing angle always increases productivity as you sit in front of your computer. Also, your comfort and discomfort depend on it. If not positioned correctly it can harm your eyes and health. Your eyes should go as smoothly as possible from one monitor to the next.

 The displays should be of the same brightness to prevent your eyes’ pupils from dilating due to varying lighting. Fatigue can be caused by even slight brightness variations.

V shape

You can angle your monitors in a V shape. To do this you need to place one monitor on the larger end of the desk and place the other one at the other end.


The most common monitor setup is horizontal. There’s a reason it is common, it’s comfortable and convenient to use monitors horizontally. It creates symmetry.


Instead of going for the typical approach, you can go all the way vertical. This type of setup comes in handy when you don’t have enough space on your desk. You can use monitor stands to make them horizontal.

Keep Monitors In A Suitable Position

We have discussed screen positioning, but it is also important to keep monitors in a suitable position for the betterment of your eyes and body.

Awkward monitor positioning can create pain in your joints and backbone and can also harm your eyesight. When the neck is constantly rotated to one side and the display is tilted, these uncomfortable postures can lead to pain, weakness, and muscular fatigue over time.

Utility Positioning

Utilities such as a mouse, keyboard, router, and music system, keep them at ease. Keep them in a handy position. If not, it can create discomfort and harm your productivity. Your neutral reach zone is the area from which you can grab items with minimal effort.

 An L-shaped desk is designed to capitalize on this reach, and it is critical to use this feature. Keeping your L-shaped desk clutter-free allows you to maximize its layout and optimize its organization.

Consoles can be placed in the same location. You can also place them on shelving, mount them to the wall, or find shelves that attach to the bottom of your desk.

Advantages Of L-Shaped Desk

  1. L- shaped desks can handle any user’s requirements because of their dynamic features.
  2. It saves a huge amount of space in your home and office because of its corner setting design.
  3. You get plenty of space in it.
  4. Different sides can give you relief from monotonous work.
  5. Allows users to experience a more convenient working space with its large surface area.
  6. Because of its density, it can carry more weight.

Final Touch

Whether it’s for a home office, a typical computing workstation, or a gaming station, it could be difficult to fit dual monitors on a tiny desk.

After setting everything you can finally use your dual monitor setup on an L-shaped desk. L-shaped desks and dual monitors, both are productivity-increasing machines.

If used properly it can surely increase your productivity and with this guideline, you can keep your setup neat and clean. You should now have a better understanding of the multiple monitor configuration and an idea of how to fit two monitors on a small desk. As a result, you no longer need to be concerned, even if your desk is small.

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