How Much Does A Triple Monitor Setup Cost? [Worth It?]

How Much Does A Triple Monitor Setup Cost? [Worth It?]

Setting three monitors on your desk requires a lot of commitment to work and investment. So, if you are considering this option, you must be dead serious about productivity. But, wait a second. Is it too expensive? To be more specific, how much does a triple monitor setup cost?

The cost of a triple monitor setup depends on the display length. For example, three monitors having 21.5 inches of screen length would cost you around $360. While the same monitors with 27 inches display would cost around $500 ($165 on average for each).

Getting three monitors for your home office is a big investment. That’s why we have broken down the overall cost to give you a better insight into the situation.

Sounds interesting? Then, without further ado, let’s get into it.

How Much Does A Triple Monitor Setup Cost?

Before we get down to the calculation, you must know that several factors affect the setup cost. For example, whether you are using a basic monitor or something premium. Another factor is the size of course. The bigger ones with edge-to-edge screens cost more. Moreover, the money also depends on whether the monitor is flat or slightly curved. Curved monitors keep you more productive. That’s why you need to spend a little extra to get them.

That was enough disclaimer. Let’s take a look at our comparative chart below. It compares the monitor prices among the most popular brands.

Here, we have noted the price for one monitor. Since you want a triple monitor setting, make sure to multiply these numbers with 3 to determine the actual amount.

Brands21.5” Full HD24” Full HD27” Full HD

Now, the chart is only for a brief idea regarding how prices change across brands. Also, the price fluctuates all the time.

 It’s important to note that, we only mentioned the most basic monitor setup options here. You can go for an eye-care set (less harmful to the eyes) or a full-on gaming set. For that, you have to spend more bucks. Plus, you can also choose a brand outside our list. There are numerous other bands including HP or GigaByte and so on. You have full freedom to explore.

Who Needs A Triple Monitor Setup?

It’s not very difficult to understand what a triple monitor setup offers. It means arranging three monitors on the desk for multitasking. People who like to divert their focus and time into various activities to make the most use of their time need such a setting.

But that doesn’t mean that you need a separate monitor just for participating in a chat while gaming. That’s a waste of money. On the contrary, some individuals highly need a triple monitor setup as soon as possible. Let’s have a look at the list.


Is investing your main source of income? Then, you might need to check out the latest prices of stocks multiple times a day. We know people who love to dedicate e separate monitor to showcase the fluctuations in the stock market. It keeps the investors updated. Plus, they get to make better decisions for their shares.

If you can resonate with this situation, you do need a triple monitor setup.


Who can benefit more from a 3 monitors setup than a programmer? It’s an exhausting job that requires your full attention. But you might want to play some games to release some stress. Or, you might want to learn and apply the codes for a better understanding.

For people who want to continue two intense tasks at the same time, there’s no better option than a triple-screen configuration.

Graphic Designers/ Editors

Most digital artists work from home with the help of a computer. Now, depending on your project, the work can be very demanding. It requires you to focus on every small detail and fix it. Plus, it’s very hard for creative workers to finish within a short deadline without compromising the quality.

Imagine, you needed a 5 minutes break. So, you opened another tab. And, the next thing you remember, 2 hours have passed.

A triple monitor setting can get you out of such a situation. You don’t have to close the editing software to watch entertaining or informative content online. It prevents you from totally forgetting the unfinished work. Isn’t it smart?

Content Creators

Content creation is the new trend for 2022. But this job never leaves you. You have to constantly track your fellow influencers for ideas. Plus, editing content is a very long and tiring process. That’s why most content creators depend on multiple monitor setups for better productivity. It allows you to do work on a video, watch content and engage with your fans at the same time.

That way, you will be done sooner and can have the rest of the day to yourself.

Can I Build A Triple Monitor Setup Under $500?

A little short on budget? Don’t worry. Not everybody needs the best quality monitors designed for competitive gaming. If you are not too concerned with having the best of the best, you can save a lot of money. Here we will show you the things you will need while setting up the triple monitors. Plus, we will also discuss the cost associated with each of them. So, are you ready?


First and foremost, you need three monitors on your desk. Since you are looking for something cheap, try to stick with a 21.5″ display. Also, all three monitors must be from the same brand. Otherwise, the orientation would look very odd.

From the chart we just showcased, the cost for three screens seems to be around $360.

Graphics Card

Once you have purchased the monitors, check whether the computer can support them or not. Yes, your computer may be very old or backdated. Such models don’t have more than two display-video ports. To fix this mess, we suggest you choose a compatible graphics card. Make sure the card’s configuration matches perfectly with your existing computer. It can cost you up to $150.


Most computers or laptops come with two USB ports and a VGA port. No need to worry. You can solve that issue by using a USB to VGA adapter. Just plug one end of the adapter into the port and another end into the monitor’s USB cord. That way, you can match any kind of port arrangement your computer has. For a decent quality adapter, you have to spend around $10 to $20.


Sometimes you will notice the main power socket is too far from the monitor setup. If you don’t want to ruin your current setup for the power outlet, invest in some cables. Keep joining the cables until you reach the main power source. Thankfully, cables are quite cheap. You can get high-quality cables for as low as $10.

Triple Monitor Arm

Now, you need to mount those monitors on a stand or arm for security. Especially if your desk is small, there’s always a chance for the monitors to fall. Now, the prices are pretty crazy for monitor arms or stands. It starts from $95 and can go up to $215. But you can stick with a stand instead of an ergonomic arm to save more money.

Now, these are the mandatory ones. You can go beyond that by picking a suitable desk and ergonomic chair for more comfort. But, if you want to stick with the basics only, you can get it done within the $500 to $600 range.

Is It Worth Having 3 Monitors?

Unfortunately, there’s no straight answer for this. It depends on the person and his job. For example, we wouldn’t recommend this expensive setup for a gamer who wants to check out his social media or twitch comments from time to time.

However, if you live-stream your gaming experience, it might be a good idea to have three screens. You can join two screens to immerse more into the gaming world. And, you can use the other monitor for connecting with your audiences and replying to your friends. It’s also useful for artists whose work needs intense amount of focus.

However, it’s not necessary to jump straight to the triple monitor setup. You should first experiment with a dual-screen setup. See if you can get the job done without a third screen. After all, it’s not cheap.

Final Note

Working in front of multiple screens has proven to be more effective. Especially employees who suffer from ADHD or similar focusing issues, highly need this set up in their desks.

Still many people hesitate to try this because of the price point. That’s what we tried to analyze throughout this article. We even suggested alternatives that can save your money during installation. Remember that three is better than two. But it also costs more.

Hopefully, this information regarding the cost of a triple monitor setup was useful to you. Thanks for staying with us.

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