How Do You Clean A Flexispot Desk? [Maintenance Guide]

How Do You Clean A Flexispot Desk? [Maintenance Guide]

Cleaning is the key that determines how long your Flexispot desks are going to last. It doesn’t matter whether it is a red oak wood or a simple laminate. You have to invest some time maintaining the shine and gloss. So, how do you clean a Flexispot desk?

For quick clean-ups, using regular soap water works fine on Flexispot desks. However, if the stain is stubborn and old (coffee spills), use a mixture of vinegar, dishwashing soap, and lukewarm water. For the white rings left behind by hot coffee mugs, rub baking soda using a bristle brush.

Not every cleaning solution works best for all kinds of desk materials. The best way to protect your desk is to know what might damage it and how to clean it perfectly. And, that’s what we will discuss here in full detail.

So, don’t go anywhere. This is your all-in-one solution for desk cleaning.

How Do You Clean A Flexispot Desk?

 Flexispot offers a huge range of desktop materials to choose from. You can select wood, bamboo even a glass table top to match your vision or interior. That’s why there’s no single guideline when you ask for a cleaning process. Each desk material has its own characteristics and vulnerabilities. And, your job is to learn which type of cleaning substance, and maintenance routine is suitable for each of them.

We have listed all the available desk materials from Flexispot down below along with how each material should be cleaned. Take a look.


Bamboo is a very popular choice when it comes to tabletop material. Unlike solid wood, it is water resistant to a great extent. So, you don’t have to worry about damaging the material while cleaning.

Apart from these qualities, the look and feel of a bamboo desk surpass the typical table tops. That’s why it’s so important to clean the table carefully. Otherwise, it will lose the aesthetics you love so much. 

Suitable Cleaning Liquid

We suggest you use mild soap only. As we have discussed earlier, bamboo desks are easy to clean up. You don’t need harsh chemical detergents for that. Especially, avoid any store brought cleaning spray that contains ammonia. Using those substances for regular clean-up will deteriorate the outer layer of the bamboo desktop.

It would be better to use your regular dishwasher soap. Mix one spoonful of soap with two spoons of water. Blend the mixture perfectly and use it on the table.

How To Remove Stain?

  • First of all, get a microfiber cloth. Dip it inside the cleaning mixture. Now, scrub the surface gently. Make sure to remove excess water from the cloth before cleaning.
  • If the desk has a stubborn stain, go for a brush first. Get it wet with the cleaning liquid. Slowly brush the stained area.
  • Finally, do a second round with water only. It will remove the soap from the surface.
  • Let the desk air dry. If possible, keep a fan beside the table for quicker results. 

Overall Maintenance Guide

  • Dust off the table with a duster regularly. If you remove the air debris as soon as it settles, you won’t have to go towards a heavy cleaning.
  • Don’t keep the table under direct sunlight for a long time.
  • Even though bamboo is not vulnerable to water, you shouldn’t test the limits. Especially, don’t leave any kind of spills unattended for a long time. 
  • Bamboo woods come with a natural gloss. However, after several clean-up sessions, the gloss can fade away. To restore it, apply some linseed oil/Tung oil. These oils create a new layer on top of the desk. As a result, water can’t penetrate the surface that easily.
  • Surprisingly, people even use olive/canola oil because of lower prices. But it can leave an unwanted smell after the table dries completely. So, we won’t suggest that to you.


Laminate is comparatively a modern desk material. Multiple layers of synthetic sheets are joined together using glue. And, then it is digitally painted to match the color palettes of your home. That’s the reason laminate tops come with so many color options. You can even order a laminate desk that looks like solid wood.

Even if it’s not real wood, it is sturdy enough to carry major loads. Plus, the price point will keep your pockets happy. But to rip all the benefits of this type of table, you must consider certain cleaning rules. Let’s check it out.

Suitable Cleaning Liquid

You can use both DIY and store-bought cleaning sprays. The catch is that it should not contain harsh substances like bleach. The mistake most users make is using bleach on a white table top. It ruins the shine and color. Don’t worry, if you have stubborn coffee/tea spills, we have a trick.

Grab one cup of lukewarm water. Put one spoon of vinegar inside it. You can use a few drops of dishwasher soap as well if you want. Mix it well. Now you have an effective cleaning substance for the job.

How To Remove Stain?

  • First of all, remove the dust/debris from the table. Grab a sponge and soak it well with the cleaning liquid you have made. Get rid of excess water.
  • Now, swipe the sponge around the desktop. If the stains are not stubborn/old, this method should erase all the dirt.
  • However, if the spills are old, you have to use a brush. Dip it inside the water and baking soda mixture. Rub it gently on specific areas.
  • Finally, wipe the table again with normal water.

Overall Maintenance Guide

  • Don’t use metal scouring pads for cleaning a laminate table. Laminates are easily scratched. You have to choose a soft sponge/microfiber cloth.
  • The synthetic sheets are joined together using glue. You must avoid exposing the table to harsh sunlight. The heat can affect the glue and reduce the table’s durability.
  • Not just sunlight, but the heat from coffee mugs can cause the same issue. We suggest you put a coaster or tablecloth on top of the desk. 
  • It’s equally important to dust off the keyboard, computer, and other items. Air dust can easily build up within your electronic gadgets. And, it can be hard to do a deep cleaning considering all the electronic components. Try using cue tips to reach the difficult areas. 

Solid Wood

Solid woods are the most expensive option among the Flexispot desk materials. But that doesn’t mean it has a lower demand. In fact, solid woods are still the number one choice when it comes to table tops. 

It makes sense that you would want to keep the wooden table intact for a long time considering your investment. That’s why knowing the right cleaning process for wooden tables is even more important. Let’s have a look.

Suitable Cleaning Liquid

Luckily, solid woods can handle hard cleaning liquid, unlike laminate ones. All you have to do is, take two cups of lukewarm water and put a few drops of dishwashing soap into it. this mixture works well for a quick clean-up.

However, if you want a deep cleaning, use one spoonful vinegar in the above mixture. Also, you can erase stubborn coffee spills by mixing olive oil, vinegar, and baking soda together.

How To Remove Stain?

  • Use a sponge as usual. But make sure you squeeze it well before cleaning the table. Water can damage the wooden surface pretty badly. So, dip the sponge inside the first solution (soap and water) for quick cleaning.
  • If you notice strong stains in some areas, use the second solution (oil, vinegar, baking soda). Grab a brush, dip it into the mixture, and sub the specific spot. You can use some toothpaste too for better results.
  • Once you are done, use a dry cloth to wipe the table again. If you want, you can apply a coat of linseed/tung oil for extra gloss. If you don’t have access to that, regular olive oil would do that work too.

Overall Maintenance Guide

  • If you find any smell after the clean-up, let it air dry first. 
  • You can put the table under sunlight to get rid of any kind of moisture. Locked-up water can damage the wood and invite molds.
  • After several sessions, the wax on top of the wooden table might deteriorate. We suggest you apply a new coat of wax to protect the table against scratches. 


Glass tabletops are less popular than the materials we have discussed above. It’s because glass desktops are harder to assemble or disassemble. A slight mistake can cause the glass to shatter. Plus, you are constantly worrying about putting too many objects on top of it.

That being said, glass offers certain benefits too. There is hardly any interior that doesn’t match a glass desk. It looks expensive and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, glass is not vulnerable to sunlight or water. Also, glass surfaces are easy to clean. You will hardly ever need to use harsh chemicals on a glass table.

Suitable Cleaning Liquid

Soaps are not good for glass surfaces. It is hard to wipe away the soap properly. Most of the time you notice streaks of soap once the glass dries down. It can initiate a well-known problem with glasses called ‘cloudiness.”

All you need is mineral-free water as a cleaning substance. It’s alright to use commercial glass cleaner for deep cleaning. 

How To Remove Stain?

  • First of all, dust off the glass desk using a microfiber cloth.
  • Next, use soap water (minimum amount) or normal water to wet the glass surface. Don’t forget to clean both sides of the desk.
  • The best way to remove stains from a glass table is by using newspapers. Grab a piece of old newspaper and rub it all over the glass desk. 
  • Once you are done, grab a dry cloth and wipe the desk again. If you have used soap water, make sure to erase all traces of soap streaks. 

Overall Maintenance Guide

  • With glass desks, the key is to be gentle. Even when you are cleaning it, use the weakest cleaning substance.
  • Avoid putting knives or other sharp objects on the table. 
  • Use a coaster to place hot coffee mugs. That way you can void the white rings on the desk left by mugs.
  • The most important maintenance tip for a glass desk is to stay within the weight range. For example, don’t let your toddler sit on the table. Glass surfaces are quite vulnerable when it comes to carrying excess weight. You will notice the Flexispot desk wobbling as you go above the max weight limit. That’s your cue to stop.

Bonus Tips To Maintain Your Flexispot Desk

  • Rearrange the table from time to time. This will enable you to reduce the clutter around the tabletop.
  • If you use a lot of sticking notes on the table, the glue might leave a stubborn stain. Try to use digital notes instead of physical ones.
  • Don’t leave coffee spills unattended for a long time. If you treat it instantly, you can easily get away with a single swipe using a wet cloth. 
  • It’s better to donate old things that you won’t use. Or, keep those items in a box within your office instead of consuming the surface space on the table.
  • Always keep the pens in a designated place. An open pen can easily stain the desktop with its ink. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wrapping Up

Apart from all the cleaning and maintenance tips, try to use the desk more carefully. Small habits like not dragging an object across the table go a long way. Instead, you can pull the objects above the surface and get them closer to you.

Another tip is to use coffee mats as a protection against direct heat. Or, keep the pens in a pen holder after every use. You will notice significantly fewer scratches on your desk.

We strongly believe that if you follow these tips, you won’t have to opt for a deep cleaning for a long time. Moreover, the desk would look more appealing as a reward.

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