How Do I Convert A Closet To Office Storage? [5 Easy Steps]

How Do I Convert A Closet To Office Storage? [5 Easy Steps]

Do you have multiple closets in the house? Then, why not convert one into office storage? It might not sound so convincing but the closet really has a lot of potentials. Imagine, you can store every office-related object in one place. Plus, it doesn’t take up any space from the rest of your house. But how do you convert a closet to office storage?

To convert a closet into office storage, first remove the door and all the existing shelves from the closet. Paint the walls and prepare a base for mounting new storage shelves including an office desk. Use baskets, paper trays, and other forms of organizers to make the most use of this space. 

You can work from anywhere in the house. But where do you keep the supplies like your files, documents, fixed equipment, and so on? Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated space for all those items? If it sounds interesting, stick with us as we show how to convert a closet into office storage.

Is It A Good Idea To Turn Closet Into An Office Space?

According to us, closets work wonderfully as a home office and storage space. The fact that it is hidden from the rest of the house, makes it even better. But there are two sides to every coin. Let’s see what you will be putting yourself into by turning a closet into office storage.

The Good Side

The number one advantage you will get is a dedicated workspace. Not only you but anyone in the family who want to focus on studying or work can get some alone time here. That’s a big point if you struggle to focus with people chattering behind you. Even though the closet can be quite small for one’s liking, you can turn it into a functional desk area.

Another bright side of having a Cloffice is the freedom of customization. We know how difficult it is to personalize a work desk sitting in your living room or bedroom. Most of the time you are afraid to break the monotony by installing a work desk. But guess what? That fear is irrelevant with a closet. 

The Bad Side

It definitely comes with some major flaws too. For example, the area is too crampy for some people. If you like working in an open space, you might hate it here. It requires a lot of remodeling to be used as your office and store supplies. You have to be quite handy to complete the project successfully.

How Do I Convert A Closet To Office Storage?

To be honest, converting your closet into office storage is a major undertaking. Mostly because the purpose is totally different in both areas. You need a clear vision and of course, crucial tools to get the job done. But don’t try to rush it if you are a beginner. Follow the step-by-step guide below to help you out.

Step 1: Remove The Door

Let’s start by clearing up the entire closet. Whatever clothes and accessories you have left, make sure they are gone before you remodel them. Now, all you have is empty shelves and probably a sliding door. That door needs to come out first. Because you need an open space to attach your desk and shelves. 

Locate the hinges on top of the door. Those hinges support the door. All you need is a flathead screwdriver to get those hinges off. Just wiggle the screwdriver around and all of them will come out smoothly.

Next, you hold the door closest to you and tilt it towards you slowly. If you think the weight is overbearing, ask someone for help. Follow the same process for the second door as well. 

However, if it’s a walk-in closet with ample space, you don’t need to remove the door at all.

Step 2: Get Rid Of The Existing Shelves

Next, you have to get rid of the old closet shelves. Those shelves are not practical to store office supplies. Here’s how you do that. First, collect the tools you will require including your favorite drill machine, a pry bar, a box knife, a scrapper, and a sander. You can borrow these tools from your nearest workshop as well.

  • So, start by targeting the top shelf. Use your box knife to cut through the edges. Hence, the paint won’t peel off as you remove everything. 
  • Then, pull it upwards and see whether it comes off gently or not. According to our experience, it would. 
  • Now, you have the brackets or frames left. Removing those frames would be a little difficult due to the straight nails. Use the drill machine to get the screws out. 
  • Same as before, cut through the edges using a knife. The boards would be glued to the drywall. You will need the prybar for extra support. Just insert the head of the tool slightly and use a hammer to jam it inside the frames. 
  • Next, pull the pry bar towards you causing the frames to break. No worries if you end up causing some paint to come off. It’s always repairable.
  • Follow the same method to remove every shelf currently existing in your closet.

Note: Don’t forget to use safety goggles while sanding the drywall. You don’t want those micro-particles to get inside your eyes.

Step 3: Create A Base

The next stage of our remodeling project includes repairing the damage we caused in the previous section. Yes, we are talking about the wall. It would look unpleasant if you attach new shelves right away. We suggest you use a scrapper to scrape off any excess glue or adhesive on the wall.

Once it’s clear, use an orbit sander to polish the affected areas. It would get rid of rough edges and make the paint look satin smooth. It’s okay if you don’t like the current color of the walls. It’s the right time to change it into something bolder.

 In that case, make sure you have sanded the entire wall. Grab a brush and start applying the new paint across the closet walls. Let it dry completely before proceeding to the next step. Now, the base is ready for some new shelves.

Step 4: Mount New Shelves For Office Storage

For mounting the new shelves, you first have to create some. If you have all the necessary tools like a nail gun, miter saw, circular saw, and wood logs, you are more than welcome to build the brackets and frames.

 However, we assume most of you don’t have access to all of that. In that case, we suggest you take proper measurements of the area (height, depth, width) and ask your local wood workshop to cut you some pieces.

Sadly, we can’t give you the exact dimensions of the slabs. Because every closet is different. It entirely depends on your preference and how thick or large you want the shelves to be. However, average shelf supports are around 1”x2”. You can stick with that number if you want. As for the length, you need several sizes. The shelf support would go in the center, side, and front.

Just mark the areas where you want the shelves to be and screw the 1”x2” shelf support into the walls. Do the same thing with the side trims as well. After the initial layout is done, get the shelves you prepared earlier. Place it on top of the bracket. Secure everything by applying some glue.

Note: If you want the shelves to match the wall’s color, do it before leaving the workshop. It’s super hard to spray paint when the shelves have been mounted on the wall.

Step 5: Attach A Customized Desktop

After the shelves, it’s time to attach your desk. Now, it would be ridiculous to bring a regular desk into the closet. Simply because it wouldn’t fit. You have to be a little crafty and make yourself one. You can use the wood pieces you have used previously for the shelves. Just drill some holes in the sides and insert wood nails into them.

 Finally, secure the nails in place through strong adhesive or glue. Now, bring another wood piece and drill some holes using the same measurement. Then, join the two pieces by inserting the nails into the holes. Use your force to make sure the pieces have connected perfectly.

If you want a bigger desk, all you need is more wood slabs. The rest is the same. After that, it’s wise to let the desk dry down. You should get a scrapper and scrape off any excess material on the table. Next, spray some stain or polyacrylic on the desk to give it a pop of color. Take the desk to your closet and attach it to the frame by drilling some screws.

As for the height, it depends on how tall you actually are. But 30 inches is average for most office desks. We think it’s important to mark the height where you will feel comfortable working beforehand. That way you can organize the shelves and desk according to that.

How Do I Organize Office Supplies In My New Cloffice?

Congrats! You have literally converted a closet into an office. That’s a big achievement. But remember why we did it in the first place? Yes, to organize the stuff better. So, here’s how you should use the closet for organizing office supplies.

  • You can never go wrong with a filing cabinet. Make sure it fits perfectly underneath the desk. That way you can use the shelves for other purposes.
  • Your desk shouldn’t contain extra stationaries like paper, notebooks, pens, etc. Keep the items in a separate container on top of the shelf. The top shelf is less accessible. So, only put the stuff you barely need on a daily basis like books, extra stationary supplies, and so on.
  • The next shelf should be used for active items like your glasses, picture frames, notebooks, etc.
  • And, the desk itself should hold your monitors, lamp, pen holder, headphones, daily planner, and so on. Make sure you have attached a cable tray underneath the desk surface. That way, those black wires won’t bother you as you work.

5 Tips For Amazing Closet To Office Storage Transformation

We have just covered the basic procedures to remodel your closet. But the fun only starts from there. Here are our 5 tips to bring comfort and warmth inside the Cloffice you just built.

1. Paint It Nice

Closets are initially painted white or pastels in most homes. That won’t work when you are transforming it into an office. The office equipment including chairs, monitors, and other gadgets will look too loud if the background is white. It might even seem disorganized.

That’s why people usually go for gray or other solid colors like teal green, and ocean blue when choosing a background for the new office. These colors blend perfectly with most office accessories.

2. Try A Chalk-Board

Does your job involve a lot of research? Then, you must love writing down small ideas in front of you. Well, you don’t have to sacrifice that in this new Cloffice. Get a chalkboard and install it as the base of your office storage. The process is identical to the one you saw here.

Now, you have a writing or doodling space in front of you. If you don’t like sticking notes to remind you of something later, this is the most effective way to get the job done.

3. Must Have A Good Lighting

Closets are not like regular home offices. Most home offices are part of a larger room. You don’t have to do much about the lighting. However, you need exceptionally good lighting to work inside a closet. The mild yellow light normally installed in this area is not enough for effortless reading.

 If you want to protect your eyes from further damage, consider high-quality bright lights both for day and night.

4. Go Ergonomic

Making your home office ergonomic is the ultimate trend. It’s good for your spine health as you work long hours. However, you can’t bring a sit-stand motorized desk inside the closet. It won’t fit right. But what you can do instead is bring an ergonomic chair. These chairs are easily movable and support your posture all day long. 

5. Make It Personal

You will be fine by following the tricks we mentioned here. But we highly believe in customization when it comes to decorating a home office. It should speak your style. 

Use colorful office stationaries like highlighters to make it more personal. You can stick quotes on the wall, keep pictures of your loved ones, plants, small fish aquarium and so on. There’s nothing specific. But you get it, right? The home office should be inviting and attractive above all.

Before You Go!

There should be no stones unturned while renovating your new Cloffice. Well, for a place like your closet, it’s hard not to feel cramped. According to experts, how you paint a room has a lot to do with your feelings. If you want to feel more focused, blue or gray is considered the right color. In opposed to it, warm tones like orange or yellow ignite creativity and passion.

Still feeling confused? Here’s our guide on the best paint colors under fluorescent lighting. Follow it to learn some interesting painting tips.

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