Do I Need A Mat For My Standing Desk?

Do I Need A Mat For My Standing Desk?

Standing desk mats can help you achieve a productive and healthy workstation. To concentrate for a longer period, we need a comfortable workstation that can boost productivity without harming our health. But is it mandatory to have a mat for standing desk?

You should use a mat for a standing desk to get more health benefits. Standing desk mats are multi-functioning, anti-fatigue mats. They help our muscles to gain flexibility by encouraging micro-movements while working. This reduces muscle strain and improves blood flow and oxygen circulation in the whole body. Helps our joints to relax and relieve pressure and thus reduces the risk of limb injuries.

In this article, we will discuss more about standing desk mats and why you should get one. So, stay tuned with us and keep on reading.

How Can I Make My Standing Desk Stand More Comfortable?

Standing desks are mostly used for boosting productivity and to gain a healthy lifestyle. In recent times standing desks have gained popularity for replacing the typical sitting options.

Sitting for too long has a prolonged effect on our health. It can cause obesity, type-2 diabetes, spinal damage, joint pain, arthritis, etc. But a standing desk can help you make your sitting and working more fun while you can enjoy a healthy life.

There are many ways you can make your standing desk stand more comfortable, it will help you utilize the benefits of using a standing desk.

Customizing your standing desk according to your needs and body size is the best way to make your standing desk stand more comfortable. We all are different with different body shapes and sizes and the most amazing part about standing desks is you can always customize them according to what you need.

Here is how you can make your standing desk stand more comfortable:

1. Adjust the height according to your elbow

You can simply measure this by bending your elbow at a 90-degree angle and keeping your wrist straight on the desk. Adjust your standing desk to keep your forearm parallel and aligned with the standing desk surface. You should be able to keep your wrists to relaxed on the desk.

2. Look out for comfortable posture

Keep your neck straight and shoulders in a relaxing position while standing in front of the standing desk. Don’t make your body stiff.

3. Use a standing desk mat

 Standing desk mats are anti-fatigue mats. They can make the use of standing desks more comfortable and finer.

Should I Use A Mat With Standing Desk?

Standing desks are productivity boosters. They have revolutionized the typical sitting system. While they are good, standing for too long can create monotony and annoyance.

Standing desk mats work as an anti-fatigue tool for use with a standing desk. They are good for removing the monotony from work. They are good for joint and limb movements. They do not create extra pressure on our joints so you can easily use them with your standing desk. So, yes you should use a standing desk mat with your standing desk.

Benefits Of Using A Standing Desk Mat

Standing desk mats can boost your productivity while keeping you healthy. Standing for a longer period can make you tired and make the work boring over time, but a mat can help you with that. There are numerous benefits of using a standing mat. Let’s look at some of them.

  1. Good for relaxing.
  2. Relaxes muscle.
  3. Encourages micro-movement.
  4. Reduces pressure on muscle and spine.
  5. Relieves muscle fatigue by micro-movement.
  6. Improves blood circulation.
  7. Reduces muscle strain.
  8. Improves posture.
  9. Relieves pressure from feet.
  10. Reduces stiffness from joints.

Do Standing Desk Mats Help With Back Pain?

As sitting too much is not good for our health, standing too much can also lead to many health issues. So, you should not use standing desks for too long.

If you are using standing desk mats, they can help you with reducing back pain as they encourage micro movement. But prolonged use of a standing desk can worsen your back pain. Standing desk mats can help you get rid of the pain in your back as they push upward against your body.

Can I Stand At My Standing Desk All Day?

Standing desks can help us lead a healthy life while we concentrate on our day-to-day work. While it can help us stay healthy, it is not always okay to stand all day.

How long you can use a standing desk throughout the day depends on different individuals. We all have different bodies with different energy levels. Experts suggest that you should use a standing desk for 10-20 minutes every hour. But it will vary on your energy level and how much flexibility your muscle has.

Choosing The Right Standing Desk Mat

So, as you can see standing desk mats have numerous health benefits. It is also important that you choose the right standing desk mat for your desk. Choosing the right standing desk can help you utilize the benefits of a standing desk. A wrong standing mat can revert the benefits of using a standing desk mat.

Here is how you can choose the right standing mat:

  • It should be soft enough to comfortably place your feet in it, but not too softy otherwise they can tickle your feet and make it uncomfortable for you.
  • Don’t buy mats that can hold dirt, if you have an allergy then this can worsen your situation.
  • Choose a mat with non-grip edges. This will prevent them from curling.
  • The right standing mat should be easy to clean and has antimicrobial properties. Remember you are going to use it for utilizing the benefits of a standing mat so they should be easy to use. And shouldn’t make you feel pressured about cleaning them.
  • Buy a mat that can provide enough surface to move both of your legs. Don’t buy a very large mat as it will take up a lot of space.

4 Types Of Standing Desk Mats

There are many types of standing desk mats these days starting from foam mats to 3d designed mats. Here are some of the standing desk mats you can consider buying.

1. Typical mat

These are the most used ones, like foam mats. They provide a soft, cushioned surface that can help you reduce strain on your feet.

2. Rectangle anti-fatigue mat

They can provide good surface support. They are about 19mm thick, and they can keep you comfortable for a longer period. It can be used when you are sitting because of its rectangular design.

3. Stool anti-fatigue standing mat

If you are looking for a mat that can serve many purposes like you can use them with a standing desk and stool, then these are ideal for you. This mat is slightly thinner than other mats.

4. Ball anti-fatigue standing mat

This mat has a slightly textured surface that helps with encouraging movement with a ball for massaging your foot. You can go for this type of mat if you want a little bit of fun in your work life.

Final Words

As you can see, standing desk mats can help you utilize the benefits of using a standing desk. Having a standing desk mat can keep you less fatigued and stress-free throughout the day. These mats can also be used with office chairs.

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