Desk Bike Vs Standing Desk (Which One Burns More Calories?)

Desk Bike Vs Standing Desk (Which One Burns More Calories?)

Choosing the perfect desk for your home workstation can be a problematic situation if you want to focus more on the healthier side. But the perfect desk according to your needs can give you some enormous health perks. Desk bikes and standing desks have their potential and both are productivity boosters.

Desk bikes burn more calories compared to standing desks. On average, desk bikes burn about 50-150 calories per hour. As it focuses on physical activity more and moderate office work. A desk bike allows you to pedal while working so eventually it burns more calories than a standing desk does.

Standing desks are mainly used to do low to moderate exercise and keep yourself alert during work time. On average it burns about 40-70 calories per hour. It also reduces the stress on your body and improves posture.

On the other hand, desk bikes focus more on the health side. Compared to standing desks, desk bikes are designed for hard exercises while doing moderate work. With a desk bike, it takes longer to complete a task as biking will increase your pace and heart rate.

Both of these desks are productivity boosters and can enhance our overall lifestyle. To get the best option from these two, you have to understand their functionality of them individually.

In this article, we will discuss desk bikes and standing desks to help you understand which one burns more calories. So, let’s get started.

Desk Bikes

Desk bikes also known as pedal desks are desks with a cycling or biking functionality that lets you work out while you are working. Desk bikes are amazing for low to moderate work. They can improve your mood, productivity, and energy levels as you sit at the desk.

Pedaling while working has many advantages. It can burn calories to give you a more flexible and healthier lifestyle. Some of the bike desks also come with a health monitor to check how many calories you have burned. So, it is really helpful to monitor health and stay healthy over time.

Desk bikes are mostly used to stay healthy and have some form of exercise to remove the monotony from work. If you can utilize the functionality of using desk bikes, then you can get the most benefits from desk bikes.

How Many Calories Do Desk Bikes Burn?

This number varies and depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on the individuals that are using it and their health status. A person can burn about 50-150 calories per hour of moderate usage of the desk bike.

The more you pedal or use the desk bike, the more calories you will burn. But you also have to consider the fact that, if you pedal really fast then your heart rate will increase and you will gain a fast pace, which can harm your ability to focus on the work.

So, it is suggested that you use the desk bike only for low to moderate pedaling while you are working to focus more on the work. It is also important that you should not be replacing the regular exercises with the desk bike. Desk bikes should be only used for removing the monotony from work, or only when you are not doing any important work that requires extreme concentration.

Do Desk Bikes Actually Work?

Yes, the desk bikes do work. The workability of the desk bikes depends on the users. To understand if desk bikes actually work or not let’s look at the advantages of using desk bikes.

1. Removes Monotony From Work.

While you are bored at work or working for several hours straight, it can become really exhausting to keep yourself focused on work.

Desk bikes can help you to remove the monotony from your work and make things more fun for you.

2. Burns Calories To Help Stay Fit.

By using the desk bike, an average person can burn about 50-150 calories per hour, which might not seem like a lot but if you use the desk bike daily, you will definitely see the difference.

3. Helps To Improve Mood And Productivity.

Exercises produce dopamine, this chemical helps to improve our mood and energy. A mild workout during work can help you stay focused and in a good mood.

It can also boost your productivity as your mood will be elevated.

4. Helps To Stay Focused And Alert During Work.

Using of desk bike during work can help you stay focused and alert during work. Instead of infusing your body with unnecessary caffeine infusion to stay alert, you can easily do that with the desk bike.

5. Makes Work More Fun.

Pedaling while working can give you the joy of a child. You can use it to keep yourself entertained while you work.

As you can see, a person can burn calories while working and it can elevate your overall mood, can keep you stay motivated and alert during work. So, yes desk bikes do work.

Standing Desk

Standing desks are also known as stand-up desk or height-adjustable desk is a type of desk that allows the user to stand while working. Standing desks are better known for their health benefits especially helping the user to get rid of long time sitting. It is quite different than the conventional sitting ideas that are used in offices.

Standing desks are mainly used to get rid of the conventional sitting ideas to keep us healthy and reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

A standing desk can help us improve our posture, good blood circulation, and most importantly back pain, and fatigue.

Desk Bike Vs Standing Desk (Which One Burns More Calories?)

How Many Calories Do Standing Desks Burn?

The calories that a person will burn depend on the person’s weight, activity, and duration of use. On average a person will burn 40-70 calories depending on their activity level and weight.

The calories will also depend on the person’s usage. How long you are using the standing desk will determine how many calories you are likely to burn. A person who weighs 150 pounds and stands for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week would burn about 74 calories a day.

If you use additional mats or boards with a standing desk, then the rate of burning calories will increase. Also, using boards or mats with standing desks helps to keep things more fun and helps the user stay relaxed and alert.

Is An Under The Desk Bike Worth It?

Under the desk bikes can be a great investment if you want to stay active and energetic while working and also stay healthy. These bikes allow you to pedal while you work giving you the extra benefit of the gym.

They are grateful for burning calories and reducing heart disease, and obesity. So, they are worth it.

But you should also consider if they fulfill your requirement or not. One thing you have to consider is that you cannot extensively use it while you work. As pedaling increases heartbeat and also body pace, it can become an issue for you to concentrate or focus.

You can solve this problem by only using the pedals while you are doing moderate work that doesn’t require a lot of concentration or focus. You can buy multipurpose desk bikes with standing functionality which will allow you to use both standing desk and desk bike together.


So, as you can see both the standing desk and desk bikes are helpful in terms of productivity. But in terms of calories, the desk bike is the ultimate winner as it burns more calories than the standing desk.

Both the desks are real-time productivity boosters, but it depends on you and your needs, what type of desks you want. Hope you found this article helpful. Thank you for reading.

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