Can You Use Kitchen Cabinets For An Office?

Can You Use Kitchen Cabinets For An Office?

What can you do with the left-over cabinets after a kitchen renovation? It might sound surprising, but those cabinets would look wonderful under a plywood office desk. Imagine the number of office supplies you can put inside them without buying a supply caddy. That sounds cost-effective. But does it really work? Can you use kitchen cabinets for an office?

You can build an entire desk with storage facilities from kitchen cabinets. You can fill up the cabinet space with multiple pull-out drawers and use them for storing stationaries and papers. Or, you can leave it as it is to accommodate large electronic items like the CPU or speaker.

And that’s only a preview of what we have in store for you. Keep reading to fully transform your old kitchen cabinets into a customized office desk.

Can You Use Kitchen Cabinets For An Office?

Kitchen cabinets surely work well for an office. Those cabinets have enough space to store most of the items you plan to keep inside an office. Everything will fit easily, whether it’s a pen or a big speaker.

If you have some old and unused cabinets in the basement, that’s just the icing on the cake. Because now you can get the job done with less money. However, is it a feasible option if you have to buy a new set?

Considering the projects we have seen, it’s worth it. We highly encourage this idea if you plan to work from home for a long time. Here’s why we think so.

More Storage Capacity

You can’t compare the ready-to-assemble desk’s storage with kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are designed to fit large equipment. In contrast, most office desks are going for the minimalist approach. It mostly comes with one or two drawers or cabinets. So, kitchen cabinets will serve you better if you want to accommodate lots of items.

The problem with remote working is that you accumulate more stuff as the days go by. And, even though you started with a mini office, you can’t help but expand it. We think it’s wise to consider your storage need in the long run and start planning from now. For that, making a desk area using kitchen cabinets sounds perfect.

Better Customization

Are you someone who wants their office space to be unique? Creating your own workspace will only help you customize it better. There’s no second guess. Take, for example; you want a desk for two people. But you also don’t have much space. The desk has to be narrow with lots of cabinets underneath it. That way, you don’t have to bring extra furniture for storing regular office supplies.

Well, you can customize one for yourself using recyclable kitchen cabinets. Just attach the cabinets to the wall and secure a plywood desk on top of it. Make sure you are leaving space for two chairs in the middle or on each end. You have several ways to design the desk according to your comfort and needs. Isn’t that great?

Less Investment

The most important factor while creating a home office is the investment. It seems like the stream never ends. As we have said earlier, you keep needing more things. And soon, the desk runs out of capacity.

 You have to buy a separate filing cabinet for the new papers. And, if that’s not enough, you consider mounting extra shelves or perhaps buying a new bookshelf. All of this requires money.

But using the kitchen cabinets saves you the trouble of upgrading. Just use enough cabinets in the first go. And you can use each cabinet for different purposes.

Can You Use Kitchen Cabinets For An Office?

How Do You Make A Desk Out Of Kitchen Cabinets?

Building a new desk from kitchen cabinets is not as daunting as it seems. You can approach it in two ways: using left-over kitchen cabinets after a renovation or buying a new set. It depends on your situation. After you have got the cabinets, carefully follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Take Measurements

First of all, measure the wall where you want to build an office desk. Do you want it to cover the full wall or half of it? After that, calculate how many cabinets you would need to fill that space. Now, leave some room for your chair. Suppose the picture in your mind has some space in the middle with two cabinets on each side. Leave around 30 inches of space for one chair.

 Or, if you work with a partner, this is the layout you should follow: have two cabinets in the middle leading to some chair space and finally a single cabinet for each worker at the end. Before you start the project, it’s extremely important that you have a clear vision in your head regarding what you really want.

Step 2: Get Some Base Kitchen Cabinets

Next, you must order at least 4 kitchen cabinets (for a whole wall). The options are huge when it comes to buying kitchen items. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and IKEA would be easy guesses. But, if you want to save money, check your storeroom first. If you have leftover cabinets after a kitchen remodeling, that’s the best option.

Make sure you get the base ones. The top cabinets are infamous for being narrow. You won’t have much storage room inside them. Plus, the top or wall cabinets usually don’t have enough height to catch your ideal desk.

After you get the cabinets, it’s time to cut their bases. We will do it to fit the cabinet into our ideal desk height. For example, the recommended desk height for an average person is 30 inches.

Now, what if the cabinets are around 36 inches high? You will have trouble achieving a seamless finish. So, we will measure 6 inches from the base and cut it straight. You can use a circular saw for that.

Note: The desk height will be above 30 inches if you are taller. You have to adjust the cabinet’s base according to that. As for a short person, you will have to cut more inches from the cabinet’s base. Make sure you measure your ideal sitting height first.

Step 3: Paint The Cabinets

We are about to be finished with the cabinets. As a final touch, you need to paint them however you wish. consider the wall you will build the desk around. Is it white? Then, a solid black desk would provide the perfect contrast. It’s only a suggestion. We believe you have figured out an amazing contrast already.

If you recycle old ones, you might have to deal with laminates. You can use a scrapper to peel off the outer layer as much as you can. After that, check whether the cabinets have any gaps or cracks. If you notice any, just apply some wood filler for a better finish.

Finally, apply primer on the cabinets and get them ready for painting. To paint the cabinets, you can use a regular brush or foam roller (whichever feels comfortable). Let the painted cabinets dry completely before you take them into the office.

Step 4: Make A Desktop

It would be hard to find a decent wood sheet in the basement if you are not a woodworker. We suggest you go to any workshop near you that sells separate wood pieces. Most of the stores allow you to cut the piece into usable diameters.

In that case, get a plywood sheet for the countertop and ask the workers to cut its width. The width shouldn’t be smaller than the cabinet’s width. Once they have prepared the plywood piece for you, it’s ready to use.

However, we would like you to smoothen up the edges before attaching them to the cabinets. It just feels way better. Get a sander and sand the countertop from all sides. Now, all you have to do is, apply some primer and paint it just like the cabinets. Finally, let the desk dry completely before you use it again.

Step 5: Assemble The Desk

To assemble everything, first, create some shelf supports. Attach the supports to the wall by drilling some screws. Once the initial layout is done, bring in the cabinets. Secure the cabinets to the shelf support. Use a nail gun for this. If you are planning to keep electronic gadgets inside the cabinets, make sure you leave space for the power cords.

In the second step, bring the desk and lay it on top of the cabinets. Get a nail gun and attach it nicely. Make sure the screws are big enough to catch the cabinet. There you go. Your new all-in-one desk is ready. The best part is that you have more storage facilities than any traditional store-bought desk.

Note: If your kitchen cabinets don’t come with a handle, you have to buy them separately. It’s a really simple process. Just choose a set online and glue them to the cabinet door.

Can You Use The Kitchen Cabinets Without Getting Crafty?

With the growing demand for a home office, people aren’t leaving the kitchen space unnoticed. If you are not a crafty person, the above procedure of using cabinets in a desk wouldn’t be so inviting. But what you can do instead is use the already existing cabinets in your kitchen. But does it work? Let’s find out.

Doesn’t Feel Crampy

The most important part is the space. Unlike a small store room or closet, which you converted into an office, the kitchen has more space. You can move around with the ergonomic chair without hitting a wall. We have seen people use the kitchen table as a desk. the kitchen table is right at the entrance of the kitchen and has space all around it.

So, if you are a little claustrophobic, we bet you will love the kitchen area.

Enough Storage Options

One major problem with working from your living room is the lack of storage opportunities. You have to clean the mess and keep every item in its designated place. It can be a hassle, to be honest. And, more importantly, it doesn’t even feel like an office.

But the kitchen area has ample storage facilities for you. The kitchen table itself has multiple base cabinets. You can use one or two for office purposes. To make it more useful, remove the shelf first. Install some pull-out drawers in their place.

You will see how the space is more manageable now. Store your stationaries, books, files, etc in these drawers. You can even store your computer, speaker, and other bulky electronic items in the cabinets.

Less Expensive

Even a small office costs a lot. You have to invest a minimum amount for the desk, filing cabinets, and all. But you can get each of these facilities free using the kitchen area.

For example, you can dedicate half of the kitchen table to work-related tasks. It’s not a permanent solution if you depend on multiple electric gadgets while remote working. You would always have to organize everything before it’s dinner time.

Looks Pleasant

Last but not the least, an office set up inside the kitchen looks pleasant to the eyes. Mostly because all the office supplies stay within closed cabinets; nothing really stands out when you look.

On the contrary, establishing a mini office inside other areas breaks the color theme. Imagine a pastel bedroom with lots of cute stuff in it. and, then, there’s a black monitor, a printer on a brown desk with lots of files. You have to compromise a lot. But not with the kitchen. It even helps you protect other rooms from getting messed up.

Before You Go!

Every corner of your home has some potential to work as a home office. You just need a clear vision. Even though kitchen cabinets have ample room inside them, you can quickly run out of space.

That’s why downsizing your papers is the ultimate key. It is perhaps the most crucial yet most difficult part of maintaining a tidy office.

 Here you have our full tutorial on handling office paperwork like a pro.

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