Can I Use A Garden Shed As An Office?

Can I Use A Garden Shed As An Office?

A garden shed is like a secret door to Narnia. You probably won’t end up in a magical world but you can basically find anything there. From Christmas decorations to any sort of tools, a garden shed is a place where we store things. 

A garden shed also can fulfill more powerful duties than just being a storage shed. It is very much possible to use a garden shed as an office. After proper preparation and adjustments, you can use the garden shed for your new home office. 

Converting a garden shed into an office might feel overwhelming. Keep reading this article to learn and follow the steps for the ultimate guide to converting a garden shed into an office.

Can I Use A Garden Shed As An Office?

A garden shed is basically a storage shed located in your garden adjacent to the main house. It is a great element to declutter your house and get rid of all the junk and rubbish. However, storing unnecessary stuff is not the only potential these garden sheds have. 

If you are looking for a way to resume working from home but not actually from home, a garden shed can be the solution to your problem. If you already have a garden shed, you can simply clear out the area, make it more office-friendly, and use it as your home office. 

If you don’t have a garden shed, you need to invest in the best-quality shed. Because storing inanimate objects and living and breathing inside a box are not the same thing. You can compromise on quality when the shed was used for storage only. However, when you use the shed for work, it must be eligible for basic human living conditions. 

Whether Your Garden Shed Can Be Converted Into An Office? 

Before you get too excited and start moving computers and desks inside your shed, I want you to take a deep breath. Just kidding! But the point is, you must ensure that the garden shed you currently possess pass the fit check for office use. If the shed is too shady and rickety, it is unwise to spend time and money on that. 

How to know whether your shed is perfect for conversion from a garden shed to an office shed? Let’s find out. 

1. Size

The dimension of the shed plays the most crucial role in a shed office. The shed is supposed to be small, but a reasonable size is a must-have for an office. you have to consider whether your plan for the office can be accommodated by the garden shed or not. 

Generally, a garden shed is 8 inches by 6 inches. It is ideal for storage purposes but not quite right for an office. If you can’t even place a desk properly or walk around the shed, how can you use it as an office? If you want to learn more about an office shed size, click here

2. Ceiling

Usually, the top layer of the shed is not high enough. It is ok to bend if you are going inside the shed for a couple of minutes only. But a shed has to be high enough to accommodate you and your head.

The ceiling should be at least two feet tall from your head or 7-8 feet tall from the ground. If the height of the shed is not levitating enough, it is better to reconsider your decision to turn the shed into an office. Even if you don’t walk around the shed, the proportionate distance of light and fan is disrupted by an inappropriate height. 

3. Shed Position

Your pre-existing shed’s position plays a vital role when you convert it into an office. The idea of a garden shed is that it is in midst of nature where no other structure or fixtures block the shed. That means, whether it is sunray or monsoon rain, the shed will be attacked from every corner. 

Thus, it is important for the shed to be implanted in the right position. To take full advantage of nature while cutting down calamities or dangers from it. If the shed is in such a location or position that can’t correctly collide with surrounding nature, it is better to drop the project.

4. Watertight

A garden shed, especially an old one goes through years of decaying and molding. Due to rainfall, snow, clogged water, moisture content, and groundwater invasion, the shed tends to grow to mold and produce an odor smell. 

When you are about to convert the garden shed into an office, a thorough check-up about the damp must be taken rigorously. If the shed is in such a dilapidated condition that no amount of watertight or sealing will work on them, it is better to invest in a new garden shed. 

5. Ventilation

Whether your shed has a proper circulation and air ventilation? You can always use an air purifier or humidifier, but such extravagant expenses for such a small area seem a little too costly and non-beneficiary. 

Rather your shed should be eligible enough to circulate enough air inside your shed so that you don’t have to spend extra for artificial air circulation. When you are decorating or using wrap wire mesh to prevent pests, make sure the ventilation system is not compromised.

Can I Use A Garden Shed As An Office?

How To Convert A Garden Shed Into An Office?

Right now, I guess you have a clear idea of whether your current garden shed is capable and eligible to be converted into an office shed or not. After completing the fit-check, now it is time for renovation and making the necessary adjustments. Let’s find out how to do a proper conversion from a garden shed into an office.

1. Diagnosing 

The first and foremost step of this conversion is a thorough and rigorous check-up. Especially if the shed is timeworn and archaic, you must check every corner and the surroundings to check whether everything is fine or not. 

List every issue the shed has and what work must be done to improve or eradicate that issue. Focus on the issues that are contingent on the office work. This troubleshooting will help you to calculate the budget for renovation and set a clear goal about the changing and repairing.

2. Damp Proofing 

Most of the time, dampness is the root cause of the decay of any material, especially if the material is wooden or steel. So, damp-proofing the shed will ensure that shed is protected from clogged water and that no mold and dampness can grow inside or outside.  

There are lots of damp-proofing mechanisms you can adopt. Dampproof sheets (DMF) work wonderfully to prevent mold. Lay the sheets over the roof under the roof panel and lay them on the floor before carpeting. Then, with a silicone sealant, fill the screw holes to prevent rusting and decaying.

3. Insulation

Insulation is a mechanism to control the heat flow inside the shed. Proper insulation will help you to save bucks by preventing you from buying expensive air conditioning and room heater. Insulation can also act as a waterproof membrane to shoo away the extra moisture content. 

Drywall is a popular and effective insulation membrane. Even if the original shed didn’t have them, you can separately install them over the roof and walls. They come in sheets and are very easy to apply. You can also use bubble wrap or fiberglass insulations.

4. Pest Control

A shed is always susceptible to pest attacks. Be it rodents or insects, the shed is always vulnerable to defend itself from such creatures. Before you move in, thorough pest control is very crucial. Hire a professional if you have to. Make sure the shed is insect and rodent free as you shift in. 

But one thorough control is not enough. You must take steps to keep the pests away from the shed forever. Use organic pesticides and insecticides to keep the pests away. To keep the rodent away, use wrap wire mesh surrounding the shed. Steel wool is one of the best ways to prevent any unwelcome guests around the shed. 

5. Internet Connection 

The main difference between a garden shed and an office shed is probably the Wi-Fi signal, other than desks and computer setups. Luckily, you don’t have to pay for a separate internet line for your shed. You can use the home network with the help of an extender. 

An extender cable can go up to 100m before it drops a bit. So, even if the shed is far away from the home, it can get a fast and secure signal fresh from home. Of course, a good extender will be required for such a service. A CAT6 cable works best as an extension cable. 

6. Doors, Windows, And Hinges

If your garden shed has stepped outside its prime age, it is quite possible that the door of the shed has taken a bow to announce its retirement. For the sake of security, you should invest in a new shed door. But if the door is good enough, add a few cleat hooks on both sides to prevent it from bending. 

If the shed has no window, you must make a window for your office shed. If that means tearing up a wall, you have to. If the windows are not watertight, must use sealant to prevent any water from flowing. Also, if the hinges are too unhinged, replace them with sturdier equipment.

Can I Use A Garden Shed As An Office?

7. Security

Security is mostly ignored in a garden shed. It is comprehendible as a storage facility that doesn’t possess many precious belongings. But the scenario quietly changes when the shed becomes an office shed. 

An office is a hub of expensive and valuable items. Whether it is computers or secret, official documents you must protect them at all costs. So, a good security system is a must-have for the office shed. A heavy door, theft alarm, or any other security measures should make up your priority list.

8. Furniture And Devices

Now that your garden shed has been converted into an office shed, it is time to bring the furniture and electronic devices. Your shed can hold at least two desks and 3-5 chairs. But make sure not to clutter your shed with unnecessary items. Keep the shed concise and organized. 

Give priority to multi-purpose desks that can accommodate your computer setups and documents in one go. You can also install standing desks inside your shed to keep you fit and proactive.

9. Decoration And Maintenance

Keep the decoration simple and minimal. You can add two or three flower pots or house plants for some freshness and vibrancy. Also, utilize the walls to hang important files and other documents to save space and keep the floor ordered and organized. 

As the shed is surrounded by nature, proper maintenance can’t be overdue. Especially if the shed is made out of wood, always ensure there is no mold issue. Also, don’t ignore the top layer of the shed. Make sure no water is clogged on the top.

Final Words

A shed has a lot of potentials, only if you can utilize its ability correctly. For an office structure, a garden shed can serve your purpose very acutely. By following the steps of renovation and interior planning, you can gift yourself a working office. If you need some idea about the costs of a shed, read How Much Does It Cost To Turn A Shed Into An Office?

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