What Is The Best Angle For Triple Monitor Setup?

What Is The Best Angle For Triple Monitor Setup?

A triple monitor setup is pretty productive and finding the best angle for your triple monitor setup is crucial for a comfortable experience. Unfortunately, there is not that much guidance about what is the best angle for a triple monitor setup.

The best angle for a triple monitor depends on your comfort. Keeping your monitors at a 60° angle will give you the best viewing experience. It is also good for keeping your eyes safe and working more efficiently.

Triple monitor setups are pretty efficient. The viewing angle varies depending on the work you are doing. And it is crucial to find the perfect viewing angle for yourself whether you are a gamer, working person, or programmer.

In this article, we will discuss in-depth finding the best angle for a triple monitor setup. We will also give you some amazing tips for setting up your triple monitor setup for more comfortable work.

So, let’s get started.

How Do I Align Triple Monitor Setup?

There are many ways to align triple monitors. First of all, decide where you want to set your monitors. Choose a well-flattened surface to set them up.

With the help of monitor arms, you can easily align your monitors. Monitor arms can hold your triple monitors together for you. But you can also use monitor stands.

There are plenty of monitor arms available on the market. These monitor arms are customizable. You can adjust and move them easily according to your needs.

Monitor stands are also useful. If you want to keep your triple monitor horizontally then they are best suited for you. Stands can keep the monitor firm and together for the best viewing angle.

How Do You Layout 3 Monitors?

Triple monitors might seem like a hard thing to layout and set. But once you know what you need and want, it becomes easy.

First, think about what kind of layout you want. It will also depend on your desk. Look out for what kind of desk you are using. If you want to buy a desk then you can go for L-shaped adjusting desks.

You can adjust your desks horizontally by keeping all of them together on a horizontal line. This position is best for same-sized monitors.

Let’s look at some of the layouts for different types of monitors.

Layout For Different Types Of Monitors.

1. Three Same Sized.

This is good for having more displays for work. And if you are someone who wants symmetry then it will be perfect for you. Keep three monitors together horizontally with the help of monitor arms or stands.

You can also keep two monitors together and the third one at the top of the two monitors. This will make it look more like a pyramid style.

2. Two Of The Same Size And One Different Size.

Keep the same-sized monitors together horizontally and you can place the third one at the top or even at the side of the two monitors.

If you are using two widescreen monitors, you can keep the third one vertically in the middle of the wide screens.

3. Three Different Sizes.

If you need three different types of monitors for your work, then go for a layout that can make your work easier. If you need monitors for rendering videos or graphics then place the bigger display in the middle and the others either at the top or at the side.

What Is The Best Angle For Triple Monitor Setup?

My Recommended Triple Monitor Arm For Home Office

Huanuo won Amazon’s Choice award for being one of the best triple monitor arms in the market. With all the cutting-edge features, you’ll also get it at a pocket-friendly price.

Some of the premium features you’ll get with this triple monitor arm are:

  • Vesa mounting holes (75 x 75 and 100 x 100).
  • Elevates the monitor off the desk to save more space
  • Full motion swivel, tilt, and rotate for optimum viewing
  • You can set the monitors either in Landscape or Portrait mode
  • Comes with 2 mounting options: C clam and Grommet base

And all this at a cost-effective price! To know more, check out my detailed article on this triple monitor arm!

How Do I Level Multiple Monitors?

Levelling multiple monitors doesn’t require a lot of techs. You can easily do that if you have a well-levelled desk. Buy good quality monitor arms for levelling multiple monitors.

Set them up together using the monitor arm. Make sure the desk you are using is well levelled. Using a bubble leveller is to make sure all the monitors are levelled.

First set the monitors using your preferred layout style. Then use the bubble leveller to see if they are well levelled or not.

With the help of a bubble leveller, you can always customize and level your monitors whenever you need them.

How To Measure Triple Screen Angles?

You can get the best result for triple screen angles when you count them on your own. I would not recommend using some auto calculators for doing that. Here is how you can measure triple screen angles or field of view.

ScreenAngle = 2 x {invTan x [FullDeviceWidth ÷ (2 x ViewingDistance)]}

For example,

Suppose, the full device width= 90 cm

Viewing Distance= 80 cm

According to the formula,

ScreenAngle = 2× {invTan x [90 ÷ (2 x 80)]}

Inverse tan of 0.5625 is 29.35


So with the help of this formula, you can easily calculate the screen angle for triple monitors.

What Is The Best Angle For Triple Monitor Setup?

My Favorite Monitor For Home Office!

Let’s face it. There are hundreds of good monitors out there in the market. And recommending just one is tough. I don’t know about your budget, what monitor size you prefer, the purpose of the monitor (gaming, work, or both), etc.

Even without knowing any of these, there is one monitor I can safely recommend. It should work fine whether you want to work or game occasionally. It’s large enough for a comfortable work experience. The monitor I am suggesting is AOC CQ32G2S Curved Monitor!

  • 165Hz refresh rate which is twice the frame rate of standard monitors
  •  1 ms pixel response time ensures fast performance without distortion
  • With AMD FreeSync Premium Technology, the refresh rates of the GPU and monitor are synced
  • VA displays employ advanced technology to offer an expanded 178-degree viewing angle
  • The 1500R super curved panel envelops the entire field of view, positioning you at the center of the action

And all this at a cost-effective price! To know more, check out my detailed article on this monitor!

Other Things To Consider Before Setting Up A Triple Monitor

There are certain things you need to consider before setting up a comfortable setup. Look at them down below.


This is the most important part. Decide what kind of monitors you want and need. Depending on your budget you have to look for viable options. This will also impact your overall setup and desks.

Choosing The Right Desk

Choose a desk that fulfils your requirements and that fits your space easily.

Choose a desk that is adjustable and customizable. Adjustable desks are easily manageable. You can buy adjustable L-shaped desks to fit into corners.

Choosing Monitors

Choose monitors according to your needs. If you need monitors for gaming purposes and streaming you can use two widescreen monitors and one vertical monitor for reading comments online.

You can also choose three same-sized monitors if you want to do graphical work and that kind of stuff.

How To Do A Comfortable Setup For Triple Monitors

Triple monitors are just more than just having three monitors. If your setup ends up being a messy one, you can not enjoy the full potential of your setup.

Here are some tips to improve the overall setup quality.

Cable Management

Keep cables neat and managed. If unnecessary cables keep on popping out of everywhere it will ruin the whole purpose of your setup. Try to avoid unnecessary cables.

Use wireless technologies such as routers, mice etc.

Keep Things Neat

Keep your workstation neat and clean. If you don’t clean it often, more dust will slow down your system.

Keep Minimal Things

Keeping minimal things around your desk. Also, keep minimal things on your desk too. It will also make the cleaning process easier.

Wrapping Up

Triple setups are fun if you can keep your setup neat and clean. Measure your viewing angle and find the perfect angle for you. Don’t compromise your comfort.

Hope you found this article helpful. In this article, we tried to cover everything related to the viewing angle. Our suggestion would be, to try out different angles and make sure it is comfortable for you and does not harm your eyes.

So, let the actual work begin.

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