Are Balance Boards Good For Standing Desks?

Are Balance Boards Good For Standing Desks?

Standing desks has become really popular in recent years for their health benefits. They have shifted the typical seating types with their appeal. Using a balance board for a standing desk can make things more fun for you. You can balance, have fun while working, and train your senses with balance boards.

Balance boards are good for standing desks. Balance boards can remove the monotony of using standing desks for too long. Using a balance board for standing desks means you can exercise at work without attending a gym, and you can also save up a lot of time with that.

Balance boards can help you improve your fitness and productivity, so they are good for standing desks.

Balance boards are used as a fitness tool. Often, they are used for healing injuries and training our minds to balance. But these boards are more than this, they are bringing fun and joy to using standing desks, making our work life more interesting.

In this article, we will talk more about balance boards and some other questions related to balance boards.

So, let us get started.

Is Standing On A Balance Board Good?

Balance boards are fun, and they help you stay healthy with many ways of exercise. With their rising popularity, some people may think they are just toys! Yes, some people do think that they are just like those trending fidget spinner toys.

To simply describe balance boards, they are a fun way of exercising, training our stability, and improving muscle movement. Balance boards help us strengthen our core and be more productive. They can also help us save a lot of time.

The most important thing about standing boards is that you can work out while working without getting tired or exhausted. Sitting for a longer time is not good for our health, it can ruin our posture and damage the spine.

But just standing on a board can solve everything for you. In this fast-growing world, time is money. We have to make the best out of the time we have, and at the same time, we have to be safe and sound. Balance boards can help us balance our life and work just like their name suggests. So, yes standing on a balance board is good.

Are Balance Boards Good For Standing Desks?

Should I Use A Balance Board With A Standing Desk?

Standing desks have numerous health benefits. While sitting all day is harmful, standing all day can also be life-draining. So, you need some fun activities that will let you unlock the full potential of your standing desk.

Let us look at some of the benefits of using a balance board with a standing desk:

1. It keeps you alert during work.

Staying alert during work time is crucial for productive work. If you keep on zoning out without doing anything, this can waste a lot of your time without any work being done. Using a balance board with a standing desk can keep you alert, at least you will feel the urge to make your time productive.

2. Helps you to stabilize the muscles of your body.

Balance boards require balance to use with a standing desk. You can teach your muscles to be stable and more flexible if you use a balance board with your standing desk.

3. Great for achieving better posture.

Poor posture can lead to many health hazards, and it can even lead to spinal cord damage. People do a lot of work to make their posture correct but if you add a balance board to your standing desk, you can easily get good posture as balance boards will help you strengthen your core.

4. Trains our senses to react faster.

As we have mentioned before balance boards require balance to use them. They help us react faster and strengthen our senses to work more efficiently. Balance boards are not a slo-mo game, they require faster moves to use them. And thus, using them improves our sensing abilities.

5. Helps in improving micro-movement.

Micro-movements are beneficial as they require our core senses to work without putting in a lot of work. It is like immediately removing our hands from fires. Using balance boards with a standing desk can improve our micro-movements.

6. Helps to achieve stability.

As balance boards work on our core, it makes us gain stability while being productive. This stability will also increase the stability of your mind they will increase the stability of our senses by training our body and mind.

7. Makes a standing desk more fun to use.

Standing desks are fun in their own way but prolonged use of standing desks can make things boring and annoying. By using a balance board, you can cut down the monotony from your work life thus making the use standing desk more fun.

8. Improves health and saves time.

Balance board requires constant movement, not just physical movement. It also trains our minds to balance. Balancing is impossible without the help of our brains. The use of a balance board with a standing desk can improve our health over time and it can save us some time if we don’t want to go to the gym. Though balance boards are not gym substitutes, they are good for improving our health.

9. Strengthens our core and overall health.

Balance board works on our core, leg muscles and improves our balancing sensibility.

From the points mentioned above, you can see that using a balance board with a standing desk adds more fun and productivity. People buy standing desks to increase their productivity and to have a healthy life. So, using balance boards will increase the overall productivity of standing desks.

How Do I Choose A Standing Desk For A Balance Board?

Choosing a good standing desk along with a balance board is key to enjoying the full potential of these two. A good standing desk and a balance board can be a good productivity combo. With the rising popularity of standing desks, it is crucial to know about choosing a standing desk.

Here is how you can choose a standing desk for a balance board:

Choose the right height

This is the first step in choosing a standing desk. Look out for desks where you can comfortably keep your forearm parallelly to the ground, your feet should be flat on the ground, and you should be able to keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle.

Good tilting degree

Balance boards come in all shapes and forms. But standing desk balance boards are used for the workplace so you have to be careful in choosing the tilting degree. A balance with a higher tilting degree will tilt a lot making it extreme to use. So, choose something that will be comfortable to use without making you distracted from your work. You might expect some specific tilting degree for standing desk balance boards, but every person is different and so are their balancing capabilities. We would suggest you try some balance boards first and decide which one is suitable for you.

Proper adjustment

Because you are going to use balance boards with your standing desk, we would suggest you get those with adjustment abilities. This way you can adjust the height to your needs.

proper weight capacity

Buy standing desks that can lift a good amount of weight. Make sure your desk can lift extra weight along with the equipment.

Ease of movement

Make sure your standing desk is easily movable but not too wobbly. This will help the balance board to work at ease.

Are Balance Boards Good For Standing Desks?

How Long Should You Stand On A Balance Board?

There is no exact time limit of how long you should stand on a balance board. Use it when you are working and if you feel exhausted, take a rest for a while and then you can use it again.

Most people think balance boards are a mandatory thing with standing desks. But they are not, standing desks are productive on their own, and balance boards just complement them. Using a balance board with a standing desk helps you unlock the full potential of your standing desk.

As balance boards can help you train your muscle, overuse can exhaust them too. It is important to use it and not overuse it.

Types Of Balance Boards For Standing Desks

Several types of balance boards are available on the market, but most of them are targeted for solely gym purposes. But you need balance boards that will suit perfectly with standing desks. Some balance boards can be way too sensible or way too harder for standing desks. So, here are some of the balance boards for standing desks.

Rocker Balance boards for standing desks

Rocker boards are those that do not wobble too much. They don’t need a lot of effort to keep themselves steadily in place. The motion range of rocker boards is limited, so they are great for use with standing desks while working as you will not be distracted now and then.

Rocker boards come in a semi-circular shape, and the deck size of rocker boards is 20”x20”. This size range makes them perfect for healing injuries in the ankle or knee.

Wobble balance board for standing desks

Wobble balance boards can move in any direction and thus it is the most used balance boards even with standing desks. They are smaller than the other balance boards and they are also good for increasing the sense of balance. Wobble balance boards are similar to Roly Poly toys meaning the center of the board acts as their only pivot point.

Though we won’t suggest this to everyone as using this balance board and getting used to it might take some time. But you can get them if you want something to add a little bit of challenge to your work life.

Are Balance Boards Good For Weight Loss?

Balance boards need work that engages our muscles. When we use balance boards it burns our calories without us even realizing it. A Balance board engages our muscles like the lower back, leg muscles, and core. Using a balance board for an hour burns 100 calories, thus making them ideal for weight loss.

Balance boards are used as a fitness tool, so adding them to your standing desk will give you two vital benefits-

  1. Making work life more fun and productive
  2. Gives you a chance to lead a healthy life at ease.

You can easily avoid numerous health problems with the help of balancer boards. If you can get used to them with your standing desk, they can improve your health thus you do not have to spend a lot of money on medical fees. You can save that money while being healthy and enjoying your work life.

What Muscles Does Standing On A Balance Board Work?

Using a balance board with a standing desk helps us to work out while we are at work. Balance boards work on our core, legs, shoulders, abdominal muscles, and hips. Improving balance helps us get flexibility, and mobility and perform our daily work easier. It also trains our minds to focus and stay alert.

Balance board also helps us to lose weight by helping us to burn extra calories. So, if you are on a diet, a balance board can easily help you with losing weight and gaining a good healthy life.

Balance boards strengthen our lower leg muscles and reduce the chances of getting injured. Strengthens the ankles and prevents ankle injury. Increases our motor skills and our senses. Improved posture can help us strengthen our spine and reduces the chances of spinal injury.


Standing desks are productivity boosters, which let us work without ruining our health. Balance boards can increase the productivity of standing desks. They are good for removing the monotony from work.

You can make your work more fun with a standing desk and a balance board. No matter what you do, productivity should always be our top priority. I hope, you found this article helpful.

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